Helical rotor pump

Helical rotor pumps are particularly useful for abrasive, filled or shear-sensitive media. They are mainly used at Drei Bond when a consistent dosing quality is required for low to high-viscosity materials. Helical rotor pumps allow the delivery of beads or dots in variable amounts.

Helical rotor pumps work according to the displacement principle. They are made up of two main components: the rotor, which turns eccentrically, and the stator, a stationary part in which the rotor moves. Together they form the shape of a helix, hence the name "helical rotor pump". Depending on the size, the pump delivers a certain volume per revolution. It can be driven by a servo or stepper motor, among others.

The helical rotor pump offers greater reproducibility of dosing over time/pressure-controlled dosing systems. This applies to products that change their flow properties during dosing in particular (thixotropy). Dosing is dependent on the viscosity/temperature and thus the thickness of the medium to be delivered. If the thickness changes, so too does the dosing rate. To ensure greater reproducibility, appropriate controls, such as tempering, should therefore also be used with the helical rotor pump.