Rotor spray

Rotor spray dosing systems are suitable for wetting holes, internal threads and cylindrical components. The medium is placed in a centrifugal disc turning at high speed and then applied uniformly all around the inside of the component (360°).

Depending on the application, the product is supplied to the centrifugal disc from externally or through the rotor. The patented spring-loaded rotor carrier from Drei Bond prevents the rotor from being damaged by querying first whether the bore is "occupied" or "free".

The medium, bore diameter and the wetting level determine the shape of the centrifugal disc; forward and backward centrifuging is possible. Depending on the version, the rotors can be fed horizontally or vertically from above or below.

Bore diameters of 6-80 mm can be wetted. Uniform wetting of the entire bore right down to the bottom is also possible using an appropriate rotor design.