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    Drei Bond develops highly effective adhesives and sealants for industrial requirements and applications. These high-performance adhesives are used in almost all branches of industry, including the automotive sector, medical technology and the gas and water industry. 

    • Surface seals

      Surface seals prevent gases or liquids from leaking between two flanges. Depending on the requirement and application, the sealants used form an impervious barrier.

      Drei Bond surface seals are self-forming sealants that reliably seal the flange faces with maximum surface contact and provide lasting corrosion protection on the wetted sealing surfaces.

      Specific products are available to meet all individual requirements in terms of curing time, flexibility and strength of the bond, as well as temperature resistance or resistance against external influences such as gases, acids or oils.

    • Thread sealants

      Liquid thread sealants must provide a long-lasting, durable seal for the spaces between threads. They prevent liquid or gaseous substances from leaking and escaping via the thread. Since pipes can be exposed to a number of external influences, such as vibrations, chemicals, pressure or temperature fluctuations, it is important to determine the correct thread sealant.

      The material composition of the thread to be sealed is also an important factor to consider. A plastic thread requires a different sealant to a metal thread, while combined workpieces require a different sealing compound again.

      Drei Bond provides an extensive range of thread sealants for virtually any requirement. Drei Bond sealants provide an immediate seal against low pressures, and when fully cured, seal up to bursting pressure.

    • Screw adhesives

      Liquid screw adhesives from Drei Bond prevent unwanted, spontaneous loosening of screws and threaded joints caused by vibrations and/or other impact loads. Their fluidity allows the gaps in the threads to be filled. This creates a lasting seal between the screw and the thread, while at the same time preventing the screw from rusting in.

      Several product variants are available to cover individual requirements in terms of metal compounds and types, screw dimensions, temperature resistance as well as different locking torques for subsequent reopening of the screw connection.

      Curing (polymerisation) occurs upon contact with metal in the absence of oxygen (anaerobic).

  • Products Products

    Drei Bond has been producing an extensive range of high performance adhesives and sealants for over 35 years and is a recognised system supplier to the automotive industry in this field. Its product portfolio ranges from classic anaerobic adhesives and UV adhesives to high-performance silicones.

    Drei Bond's strength lies firstly in its broad range of products, enabling a solution to be found for virtually any problem. Added to this is its development expertise for finding suitable solutions for new technological applications, such as for the relatively new e-mobility segment in the automotive sector or in nanotechnology.

    All Drei Bond products meet automotive requirements.

    • Cyanoacrylates

      Cyanacrylates are instant adhesives (commonly known as superglue), which are characterised primarily by their curing speed – generally within seconds. They can be used for sealing and bonding almost all materials and are particularly suited for small and medium-sized areas. Drei Bond also offers specific products for materials which are difficult to bond, such as Teflon.

    • Anaerobic adhesives

      Anaerobic adhesives cure upon contact with metal but not while in contact with oxygen. Polymerisation (curing) begins upon contact with metal surfaces. Selection of the most appropriate adhesive is highly dependent on the surface tension of the components.

      The use of an activator is recommended when bonding a metal surface with a non-metallic surface. These conditions mean that the anaerobic adhesives from Drei Bond are also suitable for securing threads and screws.

    • Silicones

      Silicone adhesives from Drei Bond are of particular use in applications requiring dynamic load capacity of the adhesive bond. The elasticity of the silicone bond enables transmission of power between the bonding surfaces, thereby preventing material fatigue.

      The silicones are generally highly temperature and chemically resistant and can seal virtually all materials. This broad range of applications allows silicone connections to be integrated in the production process as replacements for mechanical connections, such as screws or welding, enabling considerable cost savings to be achieved.

    • UV (light) curing adhesives

      Adhesives that cure upon irradiation with UV light at a certain wavelength possess particular properties. The curing process takes just seconds, enabling high cycle sequences in production, simplified quality checks and lower process costs to be achieved.

      Drei Bond offers an extensive range of UV-curing adhesives for applications in a wide range of sectors in which it is important to achieve transparent results. In order for this type of adhesive to be used, it is essential that one of the materials to be bonded is transparent to the UV wavelength so as to enable the adhesive to cure.

      For special applications with areas of shadow, Drei Bond provides products that combine anaerobic and UV curing processes.

    • Activators

      Activators, also known as primers or adhesion agents, are always used when the adhesive cannot bond two materials on its own due to their surface finish or when faster curing is required. Bonds between metallic and non-metallic materials using an anaerobic adhesive, for example, are improved with the use of an activator.

      Drei Bond supplies two types of activators:

      • Spray activators, which are very simple to use.
      • Liquid activators, which adhere to the material surface and only cure once contact is made with the adhesive.
    • Cleaners and sealant removers

      To produce the best bond, surfaces should be clean, grease-free and dry. Drei Bond cleaning products are highly effective in removing grease, oil and dirt residues from metallic and non-metallic surfaces. 

      Drei Bond Super Cleaner effortlessly removes already cured anaerobic sealants and bonding agents from engine, gearbox and machine parts.

    • Epoxides

      Epoxy resin adhesives are used when high strengths are required, for example, in the automotive and aerospace industries. The structural bondings often replace conventional mechanical connections, enabling cost savings to be made by using lower strength materials or simplified production processes. Epoxides enable highly durable bonding of a diverse range of material combinations.

      Curing of the two-part epoxy adhesives generally occurs at room temperature. Higher strengths can be achieved by increasing the temperature during the curing process. With one-part epoxy adhesives, the resin and hardener are already combined in an optimised ratio, thereby simplifying manual use in particular.

      Heat must be applied to cure 1K epoxy.