Competence Center for Adhesives at DREI BOND J. Wiethaler (M. Sc., DVS®/EWF-European Adhesive Engineer), Dr. F. Menk, Dipl.-Ing. M. Peine


To briefly introduce ourselves: we are the team of the competence center for adhesives at DREI BOND. We handle all inquiries, projects, queries, complaints, examinations, tests, new developments etc. related to our adhesives. With the ability of our team to work together in close proximity, we can offer our customers maximum support in choosing the right adhesive for their applications right when they need it. In addition, we always keep an eye on the feasibility of the adhesive application. It is not only fun for us to tackle challenging tasks together with our customers, but it is also our personal aspiration to develop and implement the best possible, feasible solution.


Our different technical training courses complement each other perfectly:

M. Peine - Application engineer - knows how to apply
“I've always been interested in technical and economic challenges. My studies at the West Saxon University of Applied Sciences in Zwickau in the field of industrial engineering laid the foundation for my current job at DREI BOND. During my studies, I gained my first experience in dosing technology at DREI BOND and helped build the dosing systems and dosing components. Over time, I developed a fable for the demanding job and also gained extensive experience as a service technician with various dosing problems and challenges. "

J. Wiethaler - Chemical engineer & Adhesive engineer - Knows which adhesive fits
"For me, DREI BOND combines the two core disciplines of my studies: chemistry and mechanical engineering. For this reason, I joined DREI BOND as a project manager for adhesives and sealants immediately after completing my master’s degree in chemical engineering. With my advanced training as a DVS® / EWF adhesive engineer, I support our customers in the selection of adhesives. "

F. Menk - Doctor of Chemistry - Knows what's inside
“I laid the foundations for my work at DREI BOND by studying chemistry at the Johannes Gutenberg University in Mainz. Afterwards, I focused on the field of polymer chemistry and received my PhD through a double degree program in Germany (Johannes Gutenberg University) and South Korea (Seoul National University). After an excursion into textile chemistry, I now work at DREI BOND with adhesives and sealants. I take care of finding the right recipe to meet customer requirements and also guarantee the best possible international sales capacity. "