Liquid Sealing Systems vs. Solid Systems Christian Eicke (Head of Sales)

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If you deal with sealing technology today, there are a multitude of possible solutions to approach this topic. If you try to spot a trend here, you'll find it even harder. That’s where the versatile use of liquid sealing systems opens up new horizons.

The direct advantages of liquid sealants can be specifically enumerated. Liquid seals:

  • can compensate for tolerances and bridge gaps
  • can transfer forces and connect them in a non-positive manner
  • meet high tightness requirements

Basically, almost any solid seal could be replaced with a liquid seal system. In the unlikely event that there is no suitable material, it can be further developed or modified relatively quickly.

If I had to derive a trend, there would be a tight-u. Adhesive systems for permanently closed housings still in first place. Solutions with increasingly faster curing sealants are of increasing interest.


Drei Bond pursues a holistic approach in all customer projects. More than 40 years of experience with the development / modification of adhesives as well as with the respective adhesive. Dosing technology suitable for sealant allows this. Bonding and sealing in connection with our own Drei Bond dispensing technology is always based on the process, and it is precisely this combination that we offer our customers. A Drei Bond customer can always get the complete process from a single source.

From my point of view, the greatest challenge in the liquid seals segment is the customer's safety and trust. Today, customers want the holistic approach, especially for new production processes such as gluing and sealing. They no longer want to speak to the sealant supplier and then to the dispensing technology manufacturer again. They want comprehensive process security and ultimately responsibility and expertise from a single source. Because which sealant adhesive manufacturer deals in advance with the dosing capability of the most varied of sealants? However, it is precisely such solutions that help save a lot of time, nerves and ultimately money.