Trend – Fast and reliable Christian Eicke (Head of Sales)

— 博客类别: DREI BOND 般來說

We, DREI BOND, as a medium-sized company, always have our eyes and ears on the market. In addition, we have very good access to a wide variety of industries that are sometimes more, sometimes less innovative or demanding.

This is nothing new, but DREI BOND has relied on the close networking between adhesive and sealants, dispensing technology and, at the end of the day, the entire bonding process, all from a single source as a system provider. This is our DNA which we have now formulated in detail in our USP "BONDING 5.0".

Looking at the market requirements, we can clearly see that the mapping and offering of the entire bonding process continues to be a high priority. This is where DREI BOND has positioned itself as a system provider. In addition, our customers and interested parties demand more security/knowledge in dealing with adhesives and sealants and, in the end, more understanding of automated gluing and sealing.


We offer this in our DREI BOND technical center based on realistic tests on automatic dosing systems on customer components. It is also becoming more and more apparent that growing knowledge and training, as well as standards such as DIN 2304, lead to more handling sensitivity.

Where are we headed? If you can talk about a trend at all, then I see it in terms of the simplification and acceleration of processes. Adhesives and sealants should get onto the component as quickly as possible and ideally be able to withstand heavy loads just as quickly. In addition, our customers want simple, manageable sealants that are dosed as 1C material and e.g. cure as quickly as possible by means of UV exposure. If these sealants then have a feel/mechanical system like a punched or injection-molded elastomer seal after hardening, then this is called CIP seals (Cure In Place) and we can do that.

CIP (new sealants such as Polyacrylates or label-free adhesives) in dosing technology, the integration of further processes (e.g. adding components) in a system, as well as 2K dosing, will be our drivers.