Confirmation of Deliverability in Context of the Military Conflict between Russia and Ukraine

— 博客类别: DREI BOND General

Dear valued customer,

It is with great concern and dismay that we are currently observing the acts of war in Ukraine caused by Russia. In the interest of everyone, we hope this conflict will soon be over.
Nevertheless, in the context of the concerns of our customers with respect to potential supply bottlenecks, Drei Bond analysed the influence of the situation on our products as fast as possible.

In this regard, we can inform you that we are not purchasing any raw materials directly from companies located in Russia or the Ukraine. In addition, we have ensured that our products are transported via routes that exclude Russia and Ukraine. Moreover, we contacted all our raw material suppliers and requested a confirmation that no risk on the supply of their products is to be expected, which has been confirmed from all our suppliers. According to the current status, we can therefore inform you that the supply with our products is not affected by the conflict.

We at Drei Bond are monitoring the situation very closely and we will react as quickly as possible in the event of a negative change of the situation. However, it is well known that Russia is one of the most important petroleum producers in the world which is reflected by the drastic increase of crude oil and fuel prices recently. In the context of these circumstances combined with the fact that the future developments of the situation are currently not foreseeable, we have to emphasize that serious forecasts are currently only possible for the near future.


We remain at your disposal for any questions.


Yours faithfully

Drei Bond GmbH

i. A. Dr. Florian Menk - Adhesives Product Manager, Christian Eicke - Managing Director