Development of adhesives and sealants

Drei Bond recognised at an early stage the potential of adhesives as alternatives for conventional connection technologies. The company has been making a name for itself as a partner to the automotive industry for 35 years. For the customers of Drei Bond, the close cooperation with highly competent supply partners ensures innovation, delivery reliability and security of supply, be it for adhesives and sealants for engines and transmissions or small quantities of adhesives.

Drei Bond rises to its customers' challenges posed by the latest developments with short response times and high innovative strength. An example of this is the rapidly growing field of electromobility. Adhesives and sealants for magnets and electric motors show the fast-paced and forward-looking development strategy on which Drei Bond is founded.

It is often in these innovative fields that small and minimal quantities of new kinds of adhesives and sealants are required, providing the perfect task for the Drei Bond development team. Of course, Drei Bond can also adapt existing products to suit individual customer requirements by modifying specific product parameters.