Cyanoacrylates are instant adhesives (colloquially superglue) that are primarily characterized by the speed of curing, usually within seconds. They can be used for sealing and joining almost all materials and are particularly suitable for small and medium-sized areas. DREI BOND also has special products for materials that are difficult to bond.

Namechemical basiscolourviscosity [mPas]temperature range [°C]gap bridging [µm]characteristicsapprovalscontainer [g]containerPU
4025Ethylcyanacrylatcolourless350 - 450-50 up to +8010 - 15020, 50, 5002012request product sheet
4027Ethylcyanacrylatcolourless1200 - 2000-50 up to +8010 - 200Montagekorrektur möglich durch verzögerte Aushärtung20, 50, 5005010request product sheet
4032Ethylcyanacrylatcolourless5 - 10-50 up to +8010 - 4020, 50, 50030012request product sheet
4034Ethylcyanacrylatcolourless20 - 40-50 up to +8010 - 10020, 50, 5005002request product sheet
4043SEthylcyanacrylat (mod.)colourless80 - 150-50 up to +12010 - 150NSF20, 50, 500request product sheet
4047Ethylcyanacrylat (mod.)colourlessgel-like-50 up to +12010 - 300standfestes GelNSF20, 300request product sheet
4065Alkoxyethylcyanacrylatcolourless3 - 10-50 up to +8010 - 30nicht ausblühend, Überzug von 3D-gedruckten Teilen, weißes SDB20, 50, 500request product sheet
4061Alkoxyethylcyanacrylatcolourless10 - 20-50 up to +8010 - 40nicht ausblühend, weißes SDB20, 50, 500request product sheet
4067Alkoxyethylcyanacrylatcolourless1000 - 1500-50 up to +8010 - 200nicht ausblühend, weißes SDB20, 50, 500request product sheet
4082Ethylcyanacrylatcolourless90 - 110-50 up to +200150hochtemperaturstabil20, 50, 500request product sheet
4084Ethylcyanacrylatblack2000 - 4000-55 up to +14010 - 200flexibilisiert20, 50, 500request product sheet
4085Ethylcyanacrylatyellow2000 - 4000-55 up to +14010 - 200flexibilisiert20, 50, 500request product sheet


In which areas are surface seals used?

Surface seals are mainly used in automotive and mechanical engineering. Among other things, they serve to seal engine flanges, pumps, gearboxes and differentials. The products are equally suitable for sealing surfaces and connections between two flanges. These liquid and hardening sealants reliably prevent the escape of gases and liquids and precisely compensate for tolerances.

In industrial applications, they often represent a powerful and easy-to-use alternative to solid seals. In view of the challenging areas of application such as in engines and transmissions, surface seals have to be durable in a variety of ways. This includes resistance to extreme temperatures, to various media such as oils and coolants and to vibrations. When buying the optimal surface sealant, pay attention to the information on the gap filling capacity, among other things.