Professional, initial training and continuous training for your operating and maintenance team form the basis for optimal system operation.

Likewise, the professional handling of adhesives and sealants and their correct use in applications should be continuously trained.

Choose the right modules for you from our wide range of different training and coaching services.

We analyze the individual processes and areas of application for you and show you ways to operate the system even more productively and how to use adhesives and sealants efficiently and professionally.

State-of-the-art technology is only useful to those who can apply it. We impart the knowledge you need in practical training courses. You act independently, shorten reaction times, and maximize your availability.

  • Comprehensive range of training courses, from simple system operation to the introduction of programming
  • Carrying out special, system-specific training courses that are put together according to your requirements
  • Coaching as part of production support at the plant location
  • Imparting basic knowledge about adhesives and sealants and their application
  • Adhesive bonding training up to the level of Adhesive Bonding Practitioner (EAB)
  • Refresher courses and FAQ workshops
  • Can be carried out either in-house at DREI BOND or at the facility
  • Participation certificates / training certificates

We can offer the following training courses:

  • Machine operator
  • Maintenance technician
  • Adhesive users
  • Adhesive Bonding Practitioner (EAB)

If you are interested in a training course, please contact: or +49 89962427-0.