Development of Adhesives and Sealants

Our team from DREI BOND product and application development brings the right DREI BOND adhesive and sealants with the appropriate DREI BOND dosing technology. Because just as an adhesive has to fit the component, the dosing technology must fit the adhesive and the process in the customer's production. We offer you both approaches.


Adhesive Modification & New Development:

We are constantly developing our adhesives and sealants based on current market developments and customer-specific requirements. When communicating with our customers, the mechanical properties, temperature, and chemical resistance required for the individual application as well as the curing parameters are in the foreground for us. Various test procedures are available for this purpose, which we use to check the suitability of an adhesive in combination with the substrate used and to offer it to our customers as a service.

Initial Adhesive Tests:

At the beginning of each project, we first examine the adhesiveness of the substrate and test it specifically with adhesives that are suitable for the application, supported by measurements of the surface energy. If the adhesiveness must be improved, options such as atmospheric pressure plasma or liquid pretreatment agents are directly available for testing. Of course, we take into account the wishes of the customer with regard to pretreatment and application options in the later process.

Aging / Media Resistance Tests:

Due to our many years of experience in the engine and transmission sector, we have established standard aging tests as well as special media compatibility tests. In the oven or climatic cabinet, we can age adhesives, sealants and bonded joints in a controlled manner according to customer specifications and simulate changing climatic conditions. It is also possible to harden the adhesive under special climatic conditions.

For media compatibility tests we use specially developed flange test bodies, with the help of which the compatibility of various sealants with customer-specific media can be checked. These are usually subjected to accelerated aging in the furnace, with recurring oil changes and leakage tests being carried out. When the aging is complete, the test specimens are opened and the condition of the sealant is assessed. In addition, the medium used and aged with it can be examined for sealant residues and changed properties.

Test Center:

In addition to the test methods already mentioned, further validation methods are available in our technical center.

The tensile testing machine can be used in many ways to check the strength of adhesives / sealants and bonded joints. With this, both classic tensile shear tests (tensile shear strength) and tensile tests (tensile strength, elongation at break) as well as the bond strength of customer components can be assessed after individual adjustment of the tool holder.

Our semi-automatic pilot plant with a patented flexible component holder enables us to validate adhesives and sealants with regard to their processing ability. The optimal processing, conveying and application of adhesives and sealants plays a central role at DREI BOND, so that our customers always receive a recommendation on request. We also offer our customers various options for gluing prototypes as well as small and pre-series. Of course, our dosing technology department also has the option of having appropriate dosing systems designed and manufactured based on customer requirements.