Prototypes / Small Batch Production

The services related to the product are just as important to us as the products themselves. For this reason, we not only offer our customers the manual gluing of prototype parts, but also the first, machine-dosed and glued components. In addition, we also manufacture small series in our own technical center where we automatically, and repeatably, apply glue or sealant on customer components. This not only saves time and money, but it also offers optimal preparation for later bonding processes.



You are still at the very beginning of your project and have various component shapes / materials to choose from. We would be happy to advise you on a design that is suitable for the adhesive, suggest materials that can be easily bonded or pretreatment methods, and we also test these directly in house. You will receive the ready-glued samples back from us and decide which pairing is the best solution for your application. Typically, the adhesion process takes place manually in house.

Bonding Prototypes:

We would be happy to produce prototypes for you and thus an optimal basis for further qualification tests (e.g. aging tests, stress tests, etc.). To do this, we apply the adhesive manually or automatically in our pilot plant and pre-treat the adhesive surface if necessary. Possible options here are, for example, pretreatment with atmospheric pressure plasma or the use of special primers. With the help of our patented flexible component holder, we can process a wide variety of component geometries with variable adhesive contours in our semi-automatic technical center. In this way, we provide you with components as early as the prototype phase in which the adhesive has been applied in a reproducible manner close to series production. In addition, the components are reliably joined and stored.

Bonding of Small Series:

With increasing quantities and / or the highest demands on reproducibility, automated adhesive application is usually unavoidable. We offer you to manufacture both one-off small series and pilot series with limited quantities according to your specifications. For this purpose, we not only adjust our pilot plant system optimally to your component, but also all upstream and downstream processes. You will receive the agreed number of components and can continue to use them directly.