Intelligent solutions for fully automatic, semi-automatic and manual dosing systems DREI BOND dosing systems for adhesives

Classic joining techniques such as welding, screwing, and riveting are still a common and safe method of joining components together in many industrial and craft manufacturing areas. However, in recent decades, new material combinations and sophisticated, unusual designs have become established on the market for which these joining techniques are no longer suitable. In many segments of the automotive industry, in aerospace, rail vehicle construction or consumer electronics, adhesive bonding is now the established standard. Moreover, in many cases it is the only technical way to join modern materials.

Adhesive bonding has numerous advantages.

The development of new adhesives has made it possible to bond a wide variety of materials firmly and securely together, such as plastics, metals, glass, rubber and wood. This makes it possible to achieve a significant reduction in the weight of the end products in many manufacturing processes, such as the bonding of metals with fiber composite plastics and numerous other combinations.

Adhesive variants with different curing times are available. Depending on the requirements, these can be a few seconds - if the job must be done quickly - or even a few minutes, in order to allow minor corrections to the connection of the workpieces afterwards. In addition, the parameters of adhesives can be individually adjusted with regard to the flexibility of the joints or their temperature resistance.

Further advantages of adhesive bonding technology are:

  • large-area connections can be easily realized
  • Changes in the mechanical properties and microstructure of the materials do not occur, as is the case with welding
  • Damage to the materials is avoided
  • Adhesives can be used simultaneously as a sealing connection for liquids and gases

It all depends on the right dosing system.

In order to fully exploit the advantages of adhesive bonding technology, the correct dosage of the adhesive is immensely important in every application, so that the materials to be joined are bonded together precisely and permanently. Without an appropriate dosing system that can be adapted one hundred percent to the requirements of the respective production, this process is almost impossible. With a DREI BOND dosing system for industry, our customers receive highly precise results for every desired application. Only the previously defined quantity is applied to the components. In this way, wastage of the adhesive is avoided on the one hand and an optically ideal result is achieved on the other.

DREI BOND is your dosing system manufacturer for complete solutions.

We develop and design fully automatic inline stations (CNC Inline), semi-automatic compact cells (CNC Compact) with manual loading and unloading as well as robot cells for highly flexible production scenarios, but also cost-effective and flexible manual solutions for single workstations, which are intended for post-processing, for example.

We are also happy to take on special challenges in the form of special systems, which we develop and implement together with our customers specifically to meet their needs, naturally including intelligent control and process monitoring.

Dosing systems from DREI BOND allow the professional and exact implementation of the desired bonding processes. In contrast to many other manufacturers, we have the right adhesives for the most diverse applications in our product range, so that our customers receive perfect dosing and bonding solutions from a single source.

DREI BOND has more than 45 years of experience in the development and manufacturing of dosing systems for a reliable production process. In addition, there are solutions for greasing and oiling, for the application of adhesives and sealants as well as automated feeding and removal of workpieces of the most varied types.

Our service portfolio is rounded off by the production of prototypes and small series, first-class service for our systems, the provision of spare parts and constant further development in the field of adhesives and sealants.

Contact us and explain your wishes and requirements so that we can tackle your project together and integrate it into your production.