The CNC Compact dosing machine has a computer-assisted control system like the CNC Inline model series, but this is a semi-automatic system. The workpieces to be coated with adhesive are manually inserted by the operating personnel and manually removed again after the automatic dosing process. Depending on the number of components to be processed and the consumption of adhesive media, they can be supplied by means of cartridges or large-volume industrial hobbocks with double pumps.

Semi-automatic dosing systems such as the DREI BOND CNC Compact are an ideal solution for processing individual workpieces. Although they require manual loading and unloading, the actual dosing process runs completely automatically and is monitored with the highest precision to achieve flawless results.

We will be happy to advise you on the areas of application for which the CNC Compact dosing system is best suited and plan the optimal solution for your requirements together with you. Simply contact us and make an appointment for a personal discussion with our service team.