Structural Adhesives

1C Epoxy – 2C Epoxy – 2C MMA

The structural adhesives from DREI BOND are particularly suitable for applications in which the power transmission of the adhesive connection is in the foreground. The strength of the connection allows high forces to be transmitted between the components and at the same time to absorb shock or vibration loads. The structural bonds often replace conventional mechanical connections and thus offer the possibility of reducing costs through lower material thicknesses or simplified production processes.

Due to the properties mentioned, structural adhesives from DREI BOND can be used in a variety of ways to connect high-strength components (including different materials), ex. for box bodies, magnetic bonding or for bonding fiber composite materials.


1C epoxy

One-component adhesives based on epoxy resins have the advantage that they only cure at a selected point in time that is adapted to the production process. This means that there is no time limit for further production steps and there is also the option of curing several bonds at the same time. In the case of one-component epoxy adhesives, the resin and hardener are already reliably mixed with one another in an optimized ratio, which simplifies both manual and automated application of the adhesive.


2C epoxy

In the case of two-component epoxy resin adhesives, a hardener (mostly amines) is added to the epoxy resin during application via a static mixer, thus starting the curing process. Storage stability is achieved by keeping both components in separate containers (ex. two chambers of a double cartridge). Mixing the components is done by the user and, like curing, typically takes place at room temperature. After the pot life has expired (= processing time, see technical data sheet), the strength of the mixed adhesive increases significantly so that the components must be joined by this point at the latest. A further increase in strength can be achieved if the curing is carried out at an elevated temperature or if a temperature treatment takes place after the curing (annealing).


2C MMA (methyl methacrylate)

The 2C MMA adhesives are used in particular when high strength levels combined with a certain deformability are required. This is especially the case when materials with a slightly increased flexibility or different coefficients of thermal expansion are to be glued together and used in a wide temperature range. The processing of the 2C MMA is comparable to the 2C epoxy. The two components are initially separate until they are mixed in a static mixer during use. The components must be joined within the pot life (= processing time, see technical data sheet).

DREI BOND - Structural Adhesives

NameDescriptionColorViscosity [Pas]Temperature Range [°C]Pot Time [min]Hand Strength [min]Full Strength [h]Special FeaturesContainer [ml]
7130-21C epoxy resinwhite15 - 25-40 up to +18020 - 30 min (130°C)300, 20000Request Product Sheet
7568-11C epoxy resinivory100 - 200-40 up to +18025 min (135°C)300, 20000Request Product Sheet
76011C epoxy resinblack1 - 3-40 up to +18040 min (120°C)self-leveling1000Request Product Sheet
76081C epoxy resinblack250 - 500-40 up to +18075 min (130°C)300, 20000Request Product Sheet
81212C epoxy resin (mod.)graythixotropic paste-40 up to +12010 - 1550 - 90*72flexible50, 400Request Product Sheet
84292C epoxy resinblack50 - 80-40 up to +120150 - 200360 - 540*7250, 400Request Product Sheet
85442C epoxy resintransparent12 - 24-40 up to +8010 - 2040 - 60**2450Request Product Sheet
81422C epoxy resintransparent12 - 30-40 up to +803 - 820 - 30**2425, 50, 400Request Product Sheet
84512C epoxy resinoff-white5 - 25-40 up to +200150480**168high temperature stable50, 400Request Product Sheet
85522C epoxy resinoff-white100 - 150-40 up to +1201060**4850, 400Request Product Sheet
86002C methyl methacrylatecream20 - 75-40 up to +120818*2450, 400Request Product Sheet
86022C methyl methacrylateamber1 - 7-40 up to +12028*2450, 400Request Product Sheet
86042C methyl methacrylatetransparent40 - 60-40 up to +12018*2450, 400Request Product Sheet
86102C methyl methacrylateoff-white20 - 70-40 up to +1202035*2450, 400Request Product Sheet
86202C methyl methacrylateblack6 - 11-40 up to +1202 - 410 - 15*2450, 400Request Product Sheet
86622C methacrylate estersamber3 - 6-40 up to +1204 - 710 - 12*24 - 48low odor50, 400Request Product Sheet
86802C methyl methacrylatewhite25 - 35-40 up to +120815*24white50, 400Request Product Sheet
42612C methacrylate esterstransparent15 - 30-40 up to +1205 - 812 - 15*36 - 48polyolefin bonder: suitable of PE, PP, HDPE etc.50, 400Request Product Sheet

* corresponds to 0.1 N / mm2 tensile shear strength

** Functional strength = approx. 60% of the final strength

*Container (PU): 25ml (20), 50ml (10), 300ml (12), 400ml (6)