Surface Preparation/Pretreatment

Cleaner – Primer – Activators


For every application in which an adhesive is used, clean, grease-free and dry surfaces of the parts to be joined are a necessary prerequisite for achieving a sufficiently high level of adhesion (surface adhesion). DREI BOND cleaning products are highly effective in removing grease, oil and dirt from metallic and non-metallic surfaces. The DREI BOND Super Cleaner can be used to support the removal of cured adhesive and sealant residues.


For substrates that are difficult to bond (ex. PP, PE, etc.), adhesive- and material-specific primers can be applied to the component before the adhesive is applied. Primers act as an adapter between the component material and the adhesive. They thus enable good adhesion between the component and the adhesive and consequently a stable bond.


In particular with anaerobic adhesives in connection with passive surfaces, activators can ensure fast and guaranteed curing of the adhesive. These are applied directly to the passive surface and accelerate the curing of the subsequently applied adhesive. The activator can be applied using a spray bottle or as a liquid and can be carried out many hours before the adhesive is applied.

DREI BOND - Surface Preparation/Pretreatment

NameDescriptioncolourcontains solventsexposure-/flash-off time [s]activation effect [h]accelerated curing [s]container [ml]containerPU
Cleaner 3200Allzweckreinigercolourlessyes4002012request product sheet
Super CleanerSpezialreinigermilkyyes300 - 6004005010request product sheet
Active CleanerWasserbasierter Reinigercolourlessyes50020012request product sheet
4007Primer für Cyanacrylatecolourlessyes5 - 101100040012request product sheet
4015Primer für MS-Polymerecolourlessyes10 2410005002request product sheet
4011Aktivator für Anaerobe Klebstoffegreenyes5 - 102420 - 12020010001request product sheet
5900Aktivator für Anaerobe Klebstoffegreenno2430 - 18020, 50, 500request product sheet
5930Aktivator für Anaerobe Klebstoffecolourlessno24240 - 42050request product sheet