DREI BOND dosing system CNC Inline

One of the most frequent customer requests today is that bonding and sealing processes can be integrated into fully automated production lines. This requires high-performance dosing systems that can not only be flexibly adapted to different project processes, but can also be embedded in existing production lines without any problems.

DREI BOND's solution is the CNC dosing machine called CNC Inline. CNC (Computerized Numerical Control) is an electronic process that allows machines and systems to be controlled fully automatically after appropriate programming.

CNC technology makes it possible to rationalize a wide variety of series and one-off production processes by making the movement of axes and tools much faster and yet more precise. Nowadays, almost all newly constructed machine tools are equipped with it, as is the case at DREI BOND.

Complete integration into existing production lines

Our CNC Inline dosing system can be fully integrated into our customers' production lines, for example in the form of a gantry above an assembly line. Workpiece by workpiece and component by component, it allows a highly precise, fully automatic dosing process with consistent quality. In this process, each incoming part is indexed, coated with adhesive at the designated points and then sent on its way.

The installed technology on axes and motors allows a high travel speed, for example when applying bead lines, so that a short cycle time is guaranteed. During development, the focus was on flexible and problem-free integration into production lines, while at the same time ensuring maximum economic efficiency. Further characteristics of the DREI BOND CNC inline dosing system are a high degree of adaptability with regard to component and process parameters as well as the uncomplicated use of conveyor belts.

A further and important advantage with this dosing system for adhesives is the supply of adhesives via a single or double pump station outside the safety area of the production line. In this way, it is possible to change containers at any time without having to stop the production in progress. This saves time and reduces operating costs.

Would you like more input?

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How is the media supplied in a CNC inline dosing system?

The media can be supplied either via a single or double pump station. The advantage: The station is installed outside the safety area so that a container change is possible without interrupting the ongoing production.

What are the advantages of a CNC inline dosing system?

The DREI BOND CNC inline dosing system can be easily integrated into our customers' existing production lines, for example as a gantry above an assembly and conveyor belt. The bonding process is fully automatic, with each component being indexed, coated with adhesive and then conveyed onwards.

What is a CNC Inline dosing system suitable for?

The CNC Inline dosing system from DREI BOND was developed to provide customers in industry with large quantities with a fully automatic bonding system with precise dosing and at the same time a high travel speed to ensure the shortest possible cycle times during processing.