Dosing valves

Drei Bond supplies a range of dosing valves for all areas of the industry, designed for the individual application of low to high viscosity media.

The range extends from precise needle seat valves and pneumatically controlled valves to a servo-actuated control system developed by ourselves.

Needle seat valves close the nozzles at the outlet itself and prevent the dosing medium dripping. They can also be used to prevent the medium curing, for example when silicone comes into contact with air humidity. This avoids the need for a buffer product into which the dosing nozzle has to be placed when not in use. The valve can also be individually adjusted to change the dosing volume.

The RKS control system is a dynamic valve and control system with integrated dosing volume control patented by Drei Bond that consistently delivers the same product volume via an aperture angle, irrespective of the travel speed. A servomotor controls the needle seat valve.