"And it does work " Martin Meyer, DREI BOND Service

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Digitization, online meetings, and online training courses were a stimulus for many of us, until a small virus has forced us to jump over our shadows and shows that new media often help us to work together faster, more efficiently and more cost-effectively - "And it does work ..."

We also want to break new ground and use the technical possibilities within the cooperation between maintenance and service of our dosing systems. That is why Drei Bond, together with the entire LWB family, has installed Oculavis SHARE, a tool for quickly creating secure video calls and easy data exchange.

Quick help with technical problems, or user questions regarding dosage, is not always easy - the specialist is far away, the journey takes too long or is too expensive, and there’s more room for misunderstandings. A video call makes it easy to see through the eyes of the other and to provide uncomplicated and inexpensive help. With Oculavis SHARE, we offer a secure device and operating system independent platform, whether with a PC, laptop, tablet or mobile phone. Even just a quick look through a cell phone camera, laptop, webcam, or even data glasses - a picture says a thousand words and helps to network our service and maintenance even better.

We would be happy to advise you on how you can access our options and make your daily work with our dosing systems easier.