DREI BOND Adhesives with NSF® Approval for the Food Industry Johanna Wiethaler (M. Sc., DVS® / EWF Adhesive Engineer)

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Adhesives used in the food industry are subject to particularly high requirements. Not only do they have to reliably perform the adhesive task, but they also have to be safe for food and the environment. Adhesives consist of a large number of raw materials, which often cannot meet the latter requirements. For this reason, there are special adhesives that NSF International can demonstrably use in the food-related area.

Depending on the application, our product portfolio currently offers three adhesives with NSF®-P1 certification:

DREI BOND 5204 is typically used as a thread seal for metallic joining partners. The anaerobic adhesive impresses with its high viscosity and thixotropic setting, which guarantees clean application without draining off. The two cyanoacrylates (instant adhesives) DREI BOND 4043S and DREI BOND 4047 can connect a variety of materials (metal, plastic, rubber) that should be glued very quickly and with a small gap. Depending on the application, a thin (DREI BOND 4043S) or a gel-like (DREI BOND 4047) superglue can be selected.

Adhesives with the NFS® logo have been tested by NSF International for health risks for use in the food industry and classified as harmless. NSF International lists all the products, certificates and associated suppliers that have tested positive in the so-called White Book ™. The P1 classification covers all applications in which the adhesive is not in direct or indirect contact with the food.