New Mobility is picking up speed Christian Eicke, Geschäftsführer

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Manufacturers, primarily from Asia, will offer us competition, especially in the low and medium-priced vehicle classes – i.e. the volume models. Sluggish expansion of the charging infrastructure, a shortage of skilled workers and the enormously high energy costs in Germany are clear competitive disadvantages - not only compared to China and the USA.

In terms of production technology, one of the challenges, albeit not the greatest, is to adapt to the increasing requirements for adhesive and sealant applications in ever shorter time windows. The focus must always be on the process and application capability. Which brings us to another challenge, the process of applying the adhesive or sealant to the component. In fuel cell projects in particular, faster and faster process and application times are being demanded of us. Here we solve complex requirements for the interaction between dosing technology and adhesive with our "everything from a single source" approach. In several fuel cell projects, we are currently working on applying our suitable adhesives or sealants to the components (stag) at a very high dosing speed and without any noticeable rheological changes. On the one hand, this requires suitable adhesives and, on the other hand, a dosing or printing process that enables the manufacturer to currently halve the entire production times. But the end has not yet been reached here. And so our focus will continue to be on our integrated approach in the future. We are developing adhesives according to the rapidly changing requirements and will apply them to the components in ever shorter cycle times. In short, we are consistently developing our competence as a solution and system provider.