MMA Adhesives for Transportation Sector Andreas Vesper

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Adhesives, especially 2C-MMA adhesives, have many advantages in the production of vehicles in the transport sector (buses, trucks, railway industry and other commercial vehicles) because they increasingly correspond to the trends and requirements of this industry.

2C-MMA (methyl methacrylate) adhesives belong to the group of structural adhesives, i.e. adhesives with high strength. For vehicle construction, they have the useful property of transferring high forces with a certain deformability and thus absorbing shock and vibration loads. This allows you to withstand high thermal loads in both summer and winter operation as well as outdoor applications.

The constant trends in vehicle construction are characterized by improvements in design and increases in efficiency and productivity. One example is the reduction in fuel consumption combined with higher payloads. The number of various materials (such as metals, plastics, fiber composites, etc.) that require bonding as a joining technique to combine with one another is increasing.

Our Drei Bond 2C-MMA adhesives have the ability to bond these materials without complex surface pre-treatment and to map efficient bonding processes. Different pot lives (1-20 minutes) are available, as are various viscosities and colors. After a few minutes, the hand strength can be reached (8-35 minutes, depending on the room and component temperature).

Additionally, Drei Bond has an odor-reduced version with 8662 and a formulation with 8680 that remains permanently white. Drei Bond 4261 is a methacrylate-based solution in the range that can bond low-energy plastics such as PE, PP, PTFE, EDPM, etc. Typical delivery containers are 50 and 400 ml double cartridges, larger industrial containers are also available on request. In addition, Drei Bond provides you with suitable manual application tools and, if desired, dosing technology from a single source for automated in- or offline processes. Therefore, customers from the transport sector are in good hands with Drei Bond!