Confirmation of Deliverability with Respect to a Potential Gas Shortage

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Dear valued customer,

To the regret of all of us, the war in Ukraine continues unabated. In this context, as known from the media, Europe and, particularly, Germany must prepare for a possible energy deficiency. A potential risk of a shortage of the gas supply from Russia does exist and must be taken into account.

We still hope that this conflict will soon come to an end. Nevertheless, in the interest of our customers, we must consider the possible economic effects of this crisis, as we have been doing since the beginning of this war. With respect to potential bottlenecks in the gas supply, we analyzed our own dependency on natural gas as well as that of our direct suppliers and evaluated potential consequences on our deliverability.

In this regard, we can inform you that neither we nor our direct suppliers use natural gas as a raw material. Our analysis has also shown that we are not significantly depending on natural gas as energy source. Therefore, we do not expect any critical influence on our deliverability. Moreover, all of our direct suppliers confirmed that they are also not substantially depending on natural gas for their energy supply. According to this evaluation, we can inform you that the ability to deliver our products is not affected by the conflict.

We at Drei Bond continue to monitor the situation very closely and will react as quickly as possible in case of a negative development of the situation. However, due to the complexity of supply chains and the difficulty to predict the current situation, we must emphasize that the dependence on natural gas throughout the entire supply chain is currently not possible and a serious forecast can be made for the near future only.

We remain at your disposal for any questions.


Yours faithfully

Drei Bond GmbH

i. A. Dr. Florian Menk - Adhesives Product Manager, Christian Eicke - Managing Director