Added Value Bonding – Services Christian Eicke (Head of Sales)

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DREI BOND has been a system provider for liquid sealing systems for over 40 years. We not only offer our customers adhesives, sealants and the right dispensing technology, but also a wide range of services related to gluing.

If you put the current situation and its special challenges aside, then we at DREI BOND cannot really identify any new challenges in liquid sealing systems. Challenges arising from adhesive and sealant modifications or the automation of liquid bonding processes, and that also at the international stage, have always been with us. However, the international regulations for adhesives and sealants are becoming more and more complex. Large and globally producing customers develop in Germany and manufacture all over the world. Here, liquid sealing systems and the materials must meet the increasingly strict requirements of regulations/inventories. With our team and their experience, we are very well positioned to meet the requirements.

A look at current projects and inquiries shows that more and more users are very well trained and prepared. Nevertheless, the effort that goes into the right liquid sealing system and the process technology required for it is often underestimated. Our specialists in the areas of adhesives, sealants and dispensing technology are valuable support.

One must not forget the area of ​​training; more and more service providers/technology centers are doing a great job with regard to materials and process technology, but also support in process consulting.

Nevertheless, despite the positive development of knowledge, it is essential to have all of the know-how in-house. This may not be as neutral as with a service provider, but it is very efficient, cheaper, sustainable and customer oriented. Because we don't just talk about what can work, we also deliver what has to work in the living process! That demands responsibility.

How do we as DREI BOND contribute to this? We employ a large number of specialists from the fields of chemistry, application technology and process technology. We are constantly training ourselves in order to constantly bring new knowledge into the company. In addition, we operate a very well-equipped technical center in which we can offer our customers everything from adhesive tests/aging tests to automated bonding of prototypes and small series. We call this DREI BOND: Added Value Bonding!